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We have nothing but good things to say about this company. We were greeted at the airport by our very friendly drivers. They helped us take our luggage to the car and got us all settled in. They had the car seats already situated and securely buckled in the car, so we just had to jump in and go. They picked us up early in the morning when we needed to leave Athens. These guys were the best and we would recommend them over and over again. Not only are they the most affordable option, they are professional, polite, and friendly. You will not be sorry choosing this company!
Best Regards!
Datum des Poststempels: 24 November 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Cole and Jenny
This was a perfect service i must recommend.
I booked a car to take me from Piraeus port to Athens airport, to pick up another person, and back to make it to a cruise departing from the port.
The service was perfect. driver was on time. very polite and welcoming.
He waited for us for the flight to arrive, showed us where to wait in the terminal and drove us back.
I strongly recommend this as a very reliable experience.
Datum des Poststempels: 06 October 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Eyal
Thank you for everything,
we've use it twice, the service is professional, the drivers was on time and polite, we traveled with a baby so they have car with a child seat and water for everyone of us.
Best regards,
Datum des Poststempels: 17 September 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Milica
The service is excellent.
I used for two times and the the services were on time and perfomed with great professianility by the drivers.
The cars are excellent and a plus of the service is to offer a bottle of water for any passengers (including kids).
I'll use this service again as soon as possible and recommend it to everyone for competitive price also.
Datum des Poststempels: 05 September 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Eugenio
Thank you for everything.
Your drivers were on time and courteous.
You made our last day in Athens stress free and easy.
We have friends arriving Athens in 2 weeks. I'll pass along your contact information.
Datum des Poststempels: 02 September 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Jenna S.
The service was excellent!
Not only was our driver, George, highly punctual but also did not doubt to offer his help during the days we were travelling on or own. We used his services four times. The car was very clean and George proved to be a cordial and respectful person.
If I have friends travelling to Athens I will recommend his services for sure.
Datum des Poststempels: 24 August 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Montse Caufape
Our sincere thanks for such a simple and wonderful experience.
Our driver was superb and his car was immaculate.
We will certainly use your service again whenever we can.
Many thanks.
Datum des Poststempels: 02 July 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Robert T.
Thank you for your cooperation and professionalism.
Best regards.
Datum des Poststempels: 12 May 2015
Veröffentlicht von: Stefano C.
Mr George,
I really appreciate your professionalism and value all you do to our clients, specially those like this...Thx
Take care, I hope we can keep doing business with you...
Datum des Poststempels: 06 June 2014
Veröffentlicht von: Felix F.
Hi George,
We are back to the usual working routine in the U.S. Our visit to Greece was beautiful but too short. We became thirsty for more. So, perhaps you'll hear from us soon again.
We had a lot of fun.
You and your family keep happy and healthy!
Thank You.
Datum des Poststempels: 26 April 2014
Veröffentlicht von: Eric, Arlene & Ricardo
Encounter Tours, U.S.A.

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